“Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.

—Bruce Coville

Declaration in Support of Access

Please click on the image below to launch the application for your MacLaren Hall, MacLaren Children’s Center, DCFS reords request in PDF. It is legally known as a “Declaration in Support of Access.”

The form is current as of this posting: April 3, 2013.


Mail the completed form (via Certified U.S. Mail or they’ll claim they never received the request) to:

Records Unit
LA County Counsel, Juvenile Dependency
201 Centre Plaza Drive STE 1
Monterey Park CA 91754

Expect to wait forever as the legal mitigation boys and girls attempt to figure out what to do with the material you are requesting so you don’t sue the crap out of Los Angeles County.

The Los Angeles County Counsel is John F. Krattli.

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  1. Amy Dunphy says:

    How do I become part of the class action lawsuit? I was in MacClaren hall several times between 1992 and 1997.

  2. Roxanne Vaughn says:

    I was in between 1994 and 1997.

  3. My husband George and six of his siblings were in MacLaren Hall in 1963. The abuse they suffered there heaped re-victimization after re-victimization only to then be placed in an even more abusive foster care system with at first a very nice couple but then returned to the hell in a home as abusive as MacLaren Hall if not worse. George carries physical scars of the abuse he suffered to this day.

    • Patty Kirby says:

      Iwe were in McClaren Hall in the mid 1960’s. My little brother was sent to the boys ward and I didn’t get to see him again. I just wanted. To know if any other person was called to the head Masters Office to sit on his lap and read for him, this makes me so sick to this day. He started to hump me through my clothes, I jumped up and he grabbed me and said,” This is the way God saves his beautiful little girls. I hated him, but I had to go and read as he called the hall monster. So many other things I hated said aloud to anyone. I believed it was a big conspiracy, not to trust adults. NO ONE.

  4. Todd Hall says:

    More info please. I was there in 68-69, it was hell. I still have nightmares and that was 46 years ago.

    • Patty Kirby- Taylor says:

      I was there in 1968-69 time frame. If I think about it it brings tears to my eyes. So a lot of times I just say “ don’t go there”.

  5. karina uranga says:

    I was there in `91. I was originally placed in “Junior girls cottage”, then moved to “Senior girls cottage”

  6. TONEY BYRD says:

    I was there in1997to1998 I got beat up pretty good by a staff member so that I won’t tell he put me in jail.how do I become a port of the law suit.I think u guys or trying to find me I know I was was the last one to get foulsly incarcerated

  7. I was in maclaren hall when staff hit me treated me bad im her to find out..why did thy contacted me about this i was there 1999 to 2002 ..so please contact me on any information about law sue in 2002 ..

    • Tobey Byrd says:

      How do I become aport of the law sue I need to know about it I was incosurated so I was not able to get no information on it please wright back

  8. Shannon Moor says:

    I was there 4 separate times in the mid to late 80’s and I escaped 3 of the 4 times while in transit to court on the 3rd day of being there. I would wait till we were in bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway in downtown LA and unbuckle my seatbelt, unlock the door and jump out and run and hide somewhere till I could find a payphone and have someone come pick me up. I stayed on a missing persons list until finally my case worker took me off at the age of 17 because I told her I would keep running every time they took me there. I was never at Maclaren hall for long but in the few short times I was there I was bullied by older girls and thrown in solitary confinement at one point after learning that my mother came and got my brother who was also there but had left me and unfortunately this was on my 13th birthday. One of the older black girls that constantly bullied me found out I had planned on escaping as soon as we went to court and asked me to take her with me. I told her just be ready and when I tell you to run just follow me. We got away and she thanked me and said “you da homegirl now”.. My boyfriend’s brother who had came to get us dropped her off in Compton. I just couldn’t figure out why she needed my help to get out of there. Why wasn’t everyone doing that? All I know is if I didn’t like where I was I ran and now in my mid 40’s I am still running from my problems. I am requesting my records from maclaren hall, we’ll see if I get them.

  9. Susan Selvidge says:

    I was there in 1978.. I want My records..



  11. Lynea Jennings says:

    Has anyone actually received their records?

  12. Linda Loiselle says:

    I’d like my records also. I was there about 1960.
    It felt like we were in prison.

  13. Linda Loiselle says:

    I heard this place burned down. Is that true? I see they have me listed in San Marino Girls home in Pasadena, but I’ve never been there and certainly not the dates they list.

  14. Toi says:

    This place was an asylum. My man suffered there 80’s. Lots of abuse

  15. nicole wojtiuk says:

    I was there in the 80’s as well lucky me I was there the day before star day or celebrity day does anyone remember that everyone from Hollywood would come and spend the day with us,Run DMC even put on a concert for us. I remember a mrs. fruit that worked in jr.girls. they left me in Mac hall for a year.like the lady above I was runner too and escaped during transport to court.i was brought back there at least 3 times .recently I went to visit Mac and when entering the building was told to turn off cameras we kept filming anyways they still have many secrets going on there and for an empty building the parking lot was completely full.standing next to the wall outside I broke down and cried thinking about the little me who was trapped inside there so many years ago.i do remember a group home in Pasadena I eventually went to called family solutions and would really like to get ahold of the staff that worked there to show them where my life is today.i have a lot of abandonment issues and I try to help any and all children who are going through the system now it seems to help a little but the damage Mac hall bestowed upon me and the system that failed I will never forget.thank. you for your time my name is Nicole wojtiuk and I survived Mac hall.

    • Allen says:

      I was there run d m c on stage singing my Addis’s everyone had shoes shorts shirts wrist bands donated by United Friends of children. Lots of movie stars n fun. Remember the Olympics giant banana splits that filled the whole field. The arcade game room, fitness room the hair salon the store for kids to shop with points. The giant gym. And carnivals and Rec night and church services? I know lots of bad times at Mac but 1986 on much better than past thanks to United friends of children n changes by county and Christian volunteers Not as institutional and bland county walls n kids wore there own close. I have pictures anybody interested lots of fun many days but of course not all of you taken from your family Disney land would not be fun but wow the Day Run Dmc came to Mac but if you recall they did not like sound even though tons of speakers they stopped concert n did audigraphs

      • Janette parthemore says:

        I remember that I even had an autograph book so we can get signatures I would love to have some pics maybe I was in A few of yours 🤗

  16. crystal paz says:

    I was in MAC from 91-96 i would like more information

  17. Janette parthemore says:

    Hello I was in and out of Maclean hall for 12 years I remember and could never forget the abuse I had suffered multiple times at multiple ages , I’m glad to hear they are no longer in business it was a horrible place for children , in fact I’m still in thearpy for events that had taken place when I was a young child through out young adulthood . It was hard enough being a displaced child growing up , then being in that facility was hell and had broken me completely

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